Things To Do In Ballantyne, NC

Thinking about moving to Ballantyne, NC? You’re in for a treat! This lively neighborhood has so much to offer, especially for people planning to settle down. Whether you’re into dining, outdoor adventures, or cultural experiences, this wonderful place has something just for you.

Here are some of the greatest things to do in Ballantyne, NC:

  • Big Rock Nature Preserve
  • Dish It Out Pottery Painting Studio
  • Corporate Park
  • Ballantyne Village
  • Reclining Bulls Statue
  • Blakeney Town Center
  • The Gallery Restaurant
  • Cultural Events at Morrison Family YMCA
  • The Four Mile Creek Greenway Cycling Adventure
  • The Spa at Ballantyne


Top 10 Things to Do in Ballantyne, Charlotte

Moving to a new city often brings the excitement of discovering new activities and places to explore. And in Ballantyne, you’ll never find yourself short of options.

If you’re a foodie, a nature enthusiast, or someone who enjoys a bit of everything, you’ll quickly feel at home in this lively part of Charlotte.

To add excitement to your move to Ballantyne, we’ve compiled the 10 best things you won’t want to miss.


Big Rock Nature Preserve

The Big Rock Nature Preserve in Charlotte, NC


If you’re into discovering hidden treasures, you’ve got to check out the Big Rock Nature Preserve. It’s a cool spot in suburban Charlotte with massive boulders, some of the largest in Mecklenburg County.

These natural rock shelters offer a glimpse into ancient human history dating back to 5500 BC. Surrounded by residential areas and Interstate 485, the preserve features hiking trails through pristine forests rich with oak, hickory, and pine trees.

Visitors can explore the rugged terrain, discover diverse flora including wild ginger and orchids, and enjoy the tranquil ambiance of this historic site.


Dish It Out Pottery Painting Studio

A plate featuring the Dish It Out Pottery Painting Studio name and logo, surrounded by colorful paint brushes


Looking for a creative outlet in Ballantyne? Dish It Out Pottery Painting Studio is your go-to spot!

If you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, it’s the perfect place to unleash your creativity. You can walk in and choose from a variety of pottery pieces to paint—think mugs, plates, and figurines.

In addition, they provide all the materials and even offer to-go kits if you prefer painting at home. Plus, they have Party Boxes available for larger groups, complete with everything you need for a fun painting session.


Corporate Park

A view of the Ballantyne Corporate Park across a lake


Beyond office spaces, Corporate Park is designed as a lifestyle community where you can live, work, and play. It boasts a diverse range of amenities that cater to both professionals and residents alike.

Whether you’re networking over a round of golf, enjoying a meal with colleagues, or simply unwinding in the serene surroundings, Corporate Park provides a balanced environment that enhances both work productivity and quality of life in Ballantyne.


Ballantyne Village

Ballantyne Village


If you’re looking for a blend of dining, shopping, and leisure activities in the neighborhood, Ballantyne Village is the place you really need to visit once you make the big move!

This community hub features a variety of restaurants, cafes, and boutiques for residents to explore. Whether you’re in the mood for a relaxed coffee outing, a quick bite, or a leisurely meal with friends, there’s something to suit your taste.

You can browse through charming boutiques offering everything from fashion to unique gifts, creating a diverse shopping experience.


Reclining Bulls Statue


Crafted by renowned sculptor Peter Woytuk, the Reclining Bulls Statue in Ballantyne adds a touch of artistic flair to the neighborhood. They serve as a reminder to add value in all endeavors.

Visitors can appreciate the artwork’s intricate details and the serene setting it provides for reflection. It’s the perfect peaceful spot for leisurely strolls and quiet contemplation amidst the hustle and bustle.


Blakeney Town Center

The Blakeney Town Center across the fountain


Known for shopping, dining, and leisure activities, the Blakeney Town Center stands out as a beloved destination in Charlotte.

It offers many different shops, from local boutiques to well-known national brands to ensure a satisfying retail experience for everyone. Dining options range from casual eateries like Shake Shack to coffee stops at Starbucks, making it easy to find something to suit every taste and occasion.

The center also hosts frequent seasonal events and live music performances at Blakeney Plaza, providing entertainment throughout the year.


The Gallery Restaurant

The interior of the Gallery Restaurant, adorned with artwork and elegant decor


If you love top-notch dining experiences, you’ve got to book a table at The Gallery Restaurant in The Ballantyne, A Luxury Collection Hotel.

Specializing in modern American food with a Southern influence, the restaurant focuses on using fresh, local ingredients straight from nearby farms. They create creative menus that change with the seasons and offer a wide selection of drinks at the bar.

You can also enjoy weekend brunch and private dining options for intimate gatherings. With its sophisticated ambiance and culinary artistry, The Gallery Restaurant is a must-visit for food enthusiasts looking for things to do in Ballantyne, Charlotte, NC.


Cultural Events at Morrison Family YMCA

The exterior of the Morrison Family YMCA building


At the Morrison Family YMCA, you’ll find the Ballantyne Arts Center buzzing with cultural activities. They’ve teamed up with York Development Group to create a space where music, theater, dance, and education come together.

It’s not just about entertainment; it’s about connecting with your neighbors and diving into the local arts scene. Whether you’re into trying out new dance moves or enjoying a night of music, the YMCA’s cultural events promise something exciting for everyone moving to Ballantyne, NC.


The Four Mile Creek Greenway Cycling Adventure

 A visitor cycling along the Four Mile Creek Greenway


Looking for active things to do near Ballantyne, Charlotte, NC? Explore the Four Mile Creek Greenway, a collaborative project between the Town of Matthews and Mecklenburg County.

This scenic greenway features a 2-mile walking trail with easy access points from nearby neighborhoods. It’s perfect for cycling enthusiasts, offering a tranquil route surrounded by nature.

If you like biking solo or with family, you’ll enjoy the peaceful ambiance and opportunities to connect with nature.


The Spa at Ballantyne

Champagne and comfortable blue sofas inside The Spa at Ballantyne


Craving a bit of relaxation after moving to Ballantyne? The Spa at Ballantyne has you covered!

At the Spa, guests can enjoy massages, facials, body treatments, manicures, pedicures, and salon services in a serene environment inspired by nature. They’ve also got everything from indoor pools and whirlpools to fitness areas and cozy lounges where you can unwind.

Just remember, because they’re so popular, it’s smart to book your treatments ahead of time.


Plan Your Next Move with Things to Do in Ballantyne, NC

There’s no need to worry about your move because there are so many things to do in Ballantyne, North Carolina.

From relaxation to recreation and cultural pursuits, the neighborhood provides an extensive selection of activities to accommodate various interests and lifestyles.

Feeling ready for a fresh start? Contact our movers in Ballantyne today and get a FREE quote to kickstart your journey to new experiences!


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